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Best Idea Making Your Basement Into an Entertainment Space

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Best Idea Making Your Basement Into an Entertainment Space

Designing an entertainment space for your basement is a sound investment as well as a practical way to increase the living area of your home. Quite often during parties, guests are corralled into different rooms such as the kitchen or living room due to the nature of home design. When designing your room, you can combine lounge areas with food and drink areas in one simple showpiece, a home bar.

Creating the Focal Point

Classy and sophisticated, a home bar is a perfect entertaining feature. The ideal location is easily accessible and will allow for foot traffic. Another key consideration is to ensure that electrical outlets are plentiful for blenders and other appliances. Stocking the bar is your opportunity to display your refined taste in spirits and stemware. Line the back of the bar with ornate bottles of liquor for an striking presentation. Are you a beer enthusiast? Now is your chance to proudly display the labels of your favorite brews. If you're a wine connoisseur you can showcase vintage wines or a delicately crafted glass decanter. As you figure out the logistics for your bar, next comes customization.

Customizing Your Bar

Granite is timeless and durable, making it the premier choice for countertops. This strong medium can withstand high temperatures, so hot trays of appetizers will not damage the surface. Furthermore, you won't have to worry about spills while mixing drinks as granite is almost impervious to stains. Granite comes in a such vast array of colors that you will easily be able to chose a shade that complements your color scheme.

Choose seating that reflects your style and compliments the theme of your bar. Companies carry a wide array of bar stools ranging from modern to classic, hardwood to wrought iron. If you have the space, consider adding couches for lounging and extra seating. Artificial leather is a great choice, as it has the sleek look of natural leather without the cost. Also, it is just as durable and easier to clean than real leather, requiring only soap and water.

Entertaining Your Guests

Like any proper bar, a widescreen TV is essential for watching your favorite sports team. With the newer, lighter models, mounting your TV is easier than before and gives your entertainment space an elegant and modern vibe. With a larger than life picture, it is only natural to implement a larger than life sound system. You want to make sure that your space has the proper acoustics without dampening the sound or deafening your guests. With these considerations in mind, you're well on your way to turning your basement into ultimate home bar and lounge.

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