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Best Idea How to create a French style look on a budget | Kids bedroom

Best Idea How to create a French style look on a budget | Kids bedroom - hello friend, welcome to our blog Ways To Maximise Space this time we will discuss what you are looking for information that is on Best Idea How to create a French style look on a budget | Kids bedroom We've collected a lot of data to make this article so that what we show complete enough for you, ranging from information design house that long until the latest, well please continue reading:

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Best Idea How to create a French style look on a budget | Kids bedroom

Mila's bedroom styled by Karine Kong
For the purpose of our new catalogue (on issuu here), I've made a few changes in Mila's bedroom to show you how to create a French style kids bedroom for very little money I think.
The first thing about French homes is that we love our grays - funnily enough we love the grays from Farrow & Ball and the one I used on Mila's cupboard was I think, Pavilion Gray or Lamp room Gray (I can't remember but it doesn't really matter because I suggest you get samples and see which one will work best with the natural light filtering into the room).
So when we moved in three years ago, the first thing I did, was to paint all the floorboards and the walls in white (except the one behind her bed which I painted dark grey) to give me a nice, soothing canvas to work with.
Then I try to create little vignettes in each corner of her room. Just be assured that her style of toys (bright pink and 100% plastic) are very different from the choice of toys and accessories I bring to her room (handmade, wood, vintage) but I try to achieve a balance & find storage solutions so she can have her toys with I can have her bedroom looking nice and visually pleasing.
As storage solutions, I use a lot of cotton bags (you know the ones some fashion shops give for free with your purchase) and I store her socks/swimming gears/headbands in various bags so each bag has a purpose but at the same time, they all look very pretty together. My new storage solution is also this basket which is amazing and it's selling like hot cakes (not sure if we'll manage to get more once our stock runs out but will see).
The other great piece of decoration I think which adds instant value to a room are these paper pom poms (£18 for a set of 3) and the good thing is that you can move them around the house for a party, birthday or to brighten up a corner. On this image, I used the bright version in Mila's bedroom and it completely changed the look of the room and match all her vintage toys.

Now I have two questions for you!
First, do you find the images on the blog too big (i.e. a pain when you use an Ipad or smartphone)?

Secondly (and that's more for the French speakers out there), do you want me to translate the posts in French or are you happy to use Google Chrome which probably translates everything automatically or you just like practising your English?
I used to do it until I received a very long email from a French translator who told me my French was really bad and then pursued to offer me her services. I thought it was hilarious and maybe we could exchange advices on How Not To Alienate Potential Business Customers Vs Translating services but in the end, having enough on my plates, she put me off translating my posts but now I'm thinking I shouldn't penalise everyone just because someone was that silly so let me know. 

// Photography: Francois Kong | Styling: Karine Kong 

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