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Best Idea Tips For A Master Bedroom

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Best Idea Tips For A Master Bedroom

 The room has a very important influence on people sleeping in it. From the master bedroom belongs to the master or chief of the house, it is very important that this part is correctly oriented and decorated in the spirit of the teacher remains balanced and maintains a positive attitude. Vastu Shastra contains clear and precise guidelines on how to master bedroom should be oriented and colors and decor that can be used in this room.

The correct orientation

According to Vastu, the master bedroom should be located in the southwest corner of the house. Preferably, the chamber must be located on the top floor, if the house is duplex or split. If it is not possible that the head of the family has a bedroom on the upper floor, the room southwest than can be given to the eldest daughter of the family. Southwest is the meaning of the earth, which means weight and heaviness. As the head of the family is the most powerful forces in the country, this direction is adapted to the master bedroom.

Decorating tips for doubles

The master bedrooms should be sure that the room has four sides and corners, squares and rectangles are examples. The bed should not be placed directly under the rays. Also not recommended for bedrooms main beds closed. In case you box beds, do not fill the boxes with the disorder. Keeping light out of the bed and clean, both inside and outside. Sleeping position should be oriented to the north.

The entrance to the main room should be facing north-east. Vastu also suggests that the cabinets and almirahs should be placed in the southwest corner of the room. You can use the walls of the north or east of place dressers and mirrors. It is important to ensure that the mirror does not face the bed. Electronic equipment such as TV, air conditioning, electronic locks and other music players should be in the east. If you want to have a desk in the master bedroom, which is located to the north.

Shades of pink are considered good colors for bedrooms because the color is soft and romantic. Other suitable colors are gray, pastel blue, pastel green, off white and light pink. Avoid bright red because they cause aggression. However, red can be used as highlights.

Aspects are consistent with scientific calculations

Blindly follow the directional elements and vastu tips do not bring prosperity and wealth in a house, in spite of these great help. Planning and precise calculations are based on aspects of the rooms and the house in relation to true north and south. Based on these calculations, the exact positions of items, furniture and structural elements are decided.

Vastu experts believe that there is no one size in vastu. Because each person is unique, your needs are unique too. Tailored solutions are the most effective in vastu. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a vastu expert before starting your home redecorated. The expert you may want to visit your home or have a long conversation to discuss the details of construction and arrangement of the houses before suggesting the master bedroom of the most efficient design. The main advantage of the expert consultation, is that you do not have to demolish part of the house.

Vishal Saraf is vastu consultant who has extensive knowledge of the real principles of vastu. It provides vastu tips that do not require demolition of part of the house.

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