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Best Idea Roof Restoration Repair or Maintenance

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Best Idea Roof Restoration Repair or Maintenance

Your roof plays a very important role as the first line of defense against the attacks of mother nature and is vital not only to the interior comfort of your home or business but is a major factor in the overall structural integrity of your home or building.

There can be many options in the consideration to roof repair, maintenance and restoration. Consulting a qualified licensed roofing contractor is your best first step in evaluating your course of action and options to address your roofs current state of health. A thorough inspection of your attic and exterior roof surface will in most cases easily identify your course of action. Upon establishing your course of action a wide variety of options will present themselves depending on the current type of roof you have.

Standard pitch roofs common among residential construction are more often than not covered with asphalt shingles which of course come in a wide variety of styles and color. Other options include metal roofing which is becoming more and more popular today, slate, concrete or barrel tiles, cedar shake, and fiberglass based roofing which is manufactured to appear as slate, barrel, cedar shake, etc. These various options provide a wide range of life expectancy from 10 years to over 100 years.

Commercial roofing is quite a different animal altogether. Normally consisting of a very slightly sloped flat roof, commercial roofing is on average a mixture of rolled rubber based sheets that are rolled out over the roof surface and overlapped and sealed with a hot tar and then covered with small gravel. Drainage is internal in most cases and directed through the gradual slope of the roof to drains that run internally to the structure and tie into and empty into the city/county storm drain system.

Upon inspection by your qualified contractor your options will usually be small and decisive. Pitched residential roofs upon attic inspection will quickly determine any structural issues with the roof sheathing, framing or trusses.

If rot or termites have affected the structural integrity of the wood than completely stripping the roof in those areas will be necessary to replace/repair the damaged wood. if the sheathing and framing are intact your decision will be limited to what type of roofing you wish to replace your existing roofing with.

Flat roofs will normally require complete stripping of the existing materials and applying new base materials. Reuse of the removed gravel is possible but normally price prohibitive. In summary, begin with your roof inspection by a licensed contractor to establish current conditions and then explore your personal preference options.

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