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Mount High Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mount High Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, January 15, 2015 - hello friend, welcome to our blog Ways To Maximise Space this time we will discuss what you are looking for information that is on Mount High Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, January 15, 2015 We've collected a lot of data to make this article so that what we show complete enough for you, ranging from information design house that long until the latest, well please continue reading:

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Mount High Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, January 15, 2015

No update photos on the building addition this week because things didn’t look that different from a week ago until – much later – I realized the wall between the warehouse and the showroom is done, whereas last week it was only framed in. Also, everything is painted – so actually vastly different but it simply didn’t register when I was there last night (uh ho – what does that say about my observation skills? You’re now not going to believe a word I say/write about our inventory! Sorry!).

Speaking of what’s currently in the store – remember the Furniture Gallery is another place where you can check out our inventory. The Gallery should especially appeal to anyone who’d rather have the facts WTHOUT my personal comments and opinions (which, I’ll grant you, I have a lot of – though in my book that’s not a crime but…you know, different strokes for different folks).

Okay – you’ve been duly warned. Let’s take a look at SOME of what’s currently available for purchase at Jubilee Furniture!

JFC 01-15-15 001JFC 01-15-15 002JFC 01-15-15 003

wonderful rattan loveseat for $135 and matching sofa for $165 – both in excellent condition

JFC 01-15-15 004JFC 01-15-15 005

neat floor lamp with shelves! Priced $35

JFC 01-15-15 006JFC 01-15-15 007

two rattan swivel stools priced $20 each and both are in great shape!

JFC 01-15-15 008JFC 01-15-15 009

gorgeous leather sofa in excellent condition priced $225

JFC 01-15-15 010JFC 01-15-15 011JFC 01-15-15 012JFC 01-15-15 013

this is a really beautiful round table with slightly larger glass top (which allows it to be used as a small dining table or remove it and it’s a large entry or side table). Base is a gorgeous green with antiquing. Details are incredible! Priced $325

JFC 01-15-15 014JFC 01-15-15 015

this is a super cool retro blue leather (I think it’s leather) side chair with nail-head trim (you know I LOVE nail-head trim) – priced $40 (there’s only one on the floor but I know there’s some similar chairs – or maybe the same? – in the back so if interested in more talk to Bruce or one of the volunteers. If chairs in the back are similar but different they might be priced differently. FYI)

JFC 01-15-15 016JFC 01-15-15 017

you have to see this Ethan Allen sofa in person to appreciate the muted colors and lovely design! Priced only $65 and looks to be in great condition

JFC 01-15-15 018JFC 01-15-15 019

beautiful side chair for $65

JFC 01-15-15 020JFC 01-15-15 021JFC 01-15-15 022JFC 01-15-15 023JFC 01-15-15 024JFC 01-15-15 025

there are a number of EXTRA amazing deals this week – and this Drexel dining set is one of them (I also think the Ethan Allen sofa is a steal!). Here are the details: table with two leaves and four chairs – all in amazingly excellent condition – priced $125; two piece china cabinet for $75; and buffet for $50. Granted, it’s sort of heavy looking but it’s solid wood and someone could make these pieces spectacular!

JFC 01-15-15 026JFC 01-15-15 027

very nice Morgan Stewart sofa for $95

JFC 01-15-15 028JFC 01-15-15 029

super crappy second photo but this is stamped on the underside of the middle drawer and says “Union Made Wisconsin” (there’s more but I couldn’t read it). This retro desk has a laminate veneer and is in fairly good shape. Priced $95

JFC 01-15-15 030JFC 01-15-15 031JFC 01-15-15 032JFC 01-15-15 033JFC 01-15-15 034

here are more pieces that I think are extra amazingly priced! Let’s start with these wonderful end tables OR night stands – lovely details and though a few chips in the wood – overall in great shape. They have two drawers too! Priced $45 for the pair. Then moving on to these beautiful rose colored watermarked pattern pieces by Marshall Fields (I miss Fields! Some day – now? – the fact I know what Marshall Fields was will be further proof of how old I’m getting!). Both appear to be in excellent shape. The sofa is priced $85 and the loveseat $65 (told you these were priced well!)

JFC 01-15-15 035JFC 01-15-15 036

lovely Vanguard sofa for $165

JFC 01-15-15 037JFC 01-15-15 038

this is a really gorgeous coffee table with amazing carving! Priced $65

JFC 01-15-15 039JFC 01-15-15 040JFC 01-15-15 041JFC 01-15-15 042JFC 01-15-15 043

compared to what these Henredon pieces cost new – our prices are a fabulous deal but still a lot of money. These Asian style pieces by Henredon are in excellent condition with gorgeous hardware and beautiful wood. Starting with the two night stands which are priced $135 each; long dresser is $315; king size head board with frame for $155; chest of drawers for $335

JFC 01-15-15 044JFC 01-15-15 045

sweet retro side chair for $75 (some fraying)

JFC 01-15-15 046JFC 01-15-15 047

I might have shown you these two chairs before – but I’m drawn to them and took photos again. Elegant side chairs in great condition priced $55 each (maybe it’s the fact that I think they’re priced really well and can’t believe no one’s bought ‘em yet!)

JFC 01-15-15 048JFC 01-15-15 049

beautiful sunny yellow sofa in good condition for $165

JFC 01-15-15 050JFC 01-15-15 051

square pine coffee table – needs work but for $25 so worth the time and energy!

JFC 01-15-15 052JFC 01-15-15 053

granted this two piece sectional’s southwester style is out of date – but, overall, it’s in great shape and priced (drum roll, please) $35! Man-oh-man – you gotta love our prices! Round two tier coffee table is $45

JFC 01-15-15 054JFC 01-15-15 055

fabulous leather recliner for $95

JFC 01-15-15 056JFC 01-15-15 057

two – two drawer file cabinets (both in great condition) priced $85 each

JFC 01-15-15 058JFC 01-15-15 059

though this sweet pine dresser needs some love – the size is just perfect for almost anywhere in your home (strictly speaking I don’t know if that’s true since I don’t know anything about your actual house – but it’s that size that SHOULD work almost anywhere.Then again, unless you’re my mother or one of my sisters reading this – ‘cause I DO know your homes and actually it would NOT work in your house, Mom. Though should work in your home, Peggy or yours, Bets. Phew – it’s hard being completely accurate). Priced $45

JFC 01-15-15 060JFC 01-15-15 061

this is a slim two drawer shoe caddy (would hold a ton of shoes!) – priced $15

JFC 01-15-15 062JFC 01-15-15 063JFC 01-15-15 064JFC 01-15-15 065JFC 01-15-15 066JFC 01-15-15 067

I am completely in love with this teak shelving system! It’s got storage aplenty and as I was standing there looking at it – I was wondering how the guys got it out of the donor’s home since it appeared – to me – to be one piece. Well, lo and behold – there’s this cool bracket system in the back so it breaks down into three pieces! Ingenious! Love! Priced $185

Thus concludes another Jubilee Furniture post, dear reader! If the cold and snow and gray skies are getting you down – a stop at our light-filled store jammed with amazing finds might be just what the doctor ordered! We’d certainly love to have you come by!

Take care!

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