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Mount High Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mount High Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, January 8, 2015 - hello friend, welcome to our blog Ways To Maximise Space this time we will discuss what you are looking for information that is on Mount High Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, January 8, 2015 We've collected a lot of data to make this article so that what we show complete enough for you, ranging from information design house that long until the latest, well please continue reading:

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Mount High Jubilee Furniture weekly update post for Thursday, January 8, 2015

JFC 01-08-15 001JFC 01-08-15 002JFC 01-08-15 003JFC 01-08-15 004JFC 01-08-15 005JFC 01-08-15 006

WOW – the new space is really shaping up! The framing for the wall that will separate the showroom from the warehouse space is up (you can see it in the fourth photo) and you can now get a good feel of where this part of the building will end up.

We’re still kicking around ideas about what will be housed in this space once it’s completed – but are leaning towards using it for our bedroom furniture. We’ve made three or four trips to Serta (thank you SO much, Serta!) in the last six months and have a ton of prototype (never been used) queen sized mattresses that are super high end (and we’re selling them for a fraction of their retail cost). A number of these prototypes are currently out on the floor – but there are even more stored in our warehouse and a trailer we have on the property. The new space will allow us to showcase them better and make it easier for you to test them out. Win/win!

But until that time, our current showroom is absolutely crammed with amazing inventory! What follows are photos of some pieces. Remember the Furniture Gallery is another resource to see what’s at the store!

JFC 01-08-15 007JFC 01-08-15 008

this Shenandoah Furniture Co. blue floral chair is lovely (though has a few light stains that need to be cleaned) and, overall, in very good condition (has those neat little wheels on the front two legs). Priced $125

JFC 01-08-15 009JFC 01-08-15 010

solid tile top bench in excellent condition for $35

JFC 01-08-15 011JFC 01-08-15 012

I couldn’t tell if this sofa was black or dark blue velvet. Tons of loose pillows along the back. Sort of saggy but overall not bad and for $20 a steal!

JFC 01-08-15 013JFC 01-08-15 015

table with 2 leaves (leaning against another piece furniture in the left corner of the photos) and six chair – could use some cleaning up but solid and in good condition. Priced $140 for the set

JFC 01-08-15 016JFC 01-08-15 017JFC 01-08-15 018JFC 01-08-15 019

fun swivel rocker club chairs – need to be cleaned or re-upholstered (general wear and a few stains) – priced $25 each and there are two of them

JFC 01-08-15 020JFC 01-08-15 021

nice fee standing open shelving (with one drawer at the bottom) – light weight (I couldn’t tell but it almost seemed like that fake wood plastic material) and in excellent condition. Priced $55

JFC 01-08-15 022JFC 01-08-15 023

I love the clean lines of this glass top, black metal base desk! Visually takes up very little room. Priced $105 and in very good condition

JFC 01-08-15 024JFC 01-08-15 025

the inward curve of the legs on this oval coffee table give it an Asian feel. In excellent condition and priced $65

JFC 01-08-15 026JFC 01-08-15 027

this sofa sat in the donor’s “formal” living room and was rarely used – so in excellent condition (though is older). All the buttons on the button back looked intact. Priced $165

JFC 01-08-15 028JFC 01-08-15 029JFC 01-08-15 030JFC 01-08-15 031

you know I love red stained/painted furniture and this raised trunk is no exception! I did notice a strong varnish/paint smell when I opened it (maybe it was just me?). Priced $75

JFC 01-08-15 032JFC 01-08-15 033JFC 01-08-15 034JFC 01-08-15 035

here’s another piece with an Oriental style. Dining set by Century Furniture Co. which includes a table, two leaves and six chairs priced $395 (and in excellent condition). One piece lighted china cabinet is $165 and also in excellent condition

JFC 01-08-15 036JFC 01-08-15 037

oh too bad – my photos of these two lovely pieces don’t show the amazing carvings in the wood trim! So pretty! The sofa is priced $165; matching loveseat for $135

JFC 01-08-15 038JFC 01-08-15 039

pretty peachy fabric on this side chair (I noticed a few small stains). Priced $45

JFC 01-08-15 040JFC 01-08-15 041

gorgeous East Lake dresser for $165

JFC 01-08-15 042JFC 01-08-15 043

these two pieces are – what I think – the deal of the week. Both appear to be in excellent condition and are a beautiful brownish/greenish fuzzy micro-fabric (different from what I normally call micro-suede – has more nap). Both super comfy and I couldn’t see anything wrong with either (though I couldn’t see the back of either piece). They even smelled good! The oversized chair is priced $55 and the matching sofa is $85. Maybe I missed something but I think these two will not be around for long!

JFC 01-08-15 044JFC 01-08-15 045

glass coffee table with brass connectors – priced $85

JFC 01-08-15 046JFC 01-08-15 047

elegant red floral chair with ottoman – priced $95

JFC 01-08-15 048JFC 01-08-15 049

here’s a blast from the past! Two piece black sectional with a random pattern of blue and pink. Looks to be in great shape! Priced $165

JFC 01-08-15 050JFC 01-08-15 051

and then look at these side chairs! Unusual shape – in excellent condition. Priced $75 each and there are two of them

JFC 01-08-15 052JFC 01-08-15 053

there is nothing not to love about these two sweet foot stools! Stack ‘em up or…don’t stack them (not sure where I was going with that). Priced $15 for the pair

JFC 01-08-15 054JFC 01-08-15 055

this striped sofa has an extra deep seat (amazingly deep – wide enough for someone to comfortably sleep on though I’m not sure if it’s long enough). You can see some fading along the top of the cushions in the second photo. Priced $75

JFC 01-08-15 056JFC 01-08-15 057

wonderful side chair and ottoman – both in good condition – priced $135

JFC 01-08-15 058JFC 01-08-15 059

fun and funky green leather swivel rocker/recliner – in good condition – priced $55

At this point my camera battery died (that’s what happens when it sits unused for several weeks apparently!) – but trust me there is lots more to see and we certainly hope that – despite the cold – you can come out today from 1 to 8, tomorrow from 1 to 8 or Saturday from 9 to 4!

Blessings to you, dear reader! May 2015 be filled with good health, genuine connections with others and whatever makes your heart sing and your soul thrill!

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