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Mount High Blue and Green Living Rooms

Mount High Blue and Green Living Rooms - hello friend, welcome to our blog Ways To Maximise Space this time we will discuss what you are looking for information that is on Mount High Blue and Green Living Rooms We've collected a lot of data to make this article so that what we show complete enough for you, ranging from information design house that long until the latest, well please continue reading:

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Mount High Blue and Green Living Rooms

OK I realize that when we are decorating we may have a pacific color in mind so I made it my business to make sure you can get inspiration from each color family,color combination and color by room. Today I wanted to inspire you with all the blue and green or green and blue living rooms from this blog. Here they are and I hope you like what you see.
This is a room that I call bold and fearless because the designer went for it on this one. This room comes from my bold room colors post. Check that post out also because it too has a lot of fun ideas and inspiration.
Just in case you like a variety of the color blue and green living rooms here is one that is a little on the darker side of the color wheel but nonetheless is a blue and green living room. This comes from my post of  Color Crush-Dark Blue this room shows that you don't need that much of one or the other to make your color point of a color combination. As you can see there is very little of the green in here but the point is made.
I'm sure I said this before about this room but I guess I'll say it again I just love this room, Now if you need color blue and green inspiration this is it what a perfect balance. Love it!! This comes from my post Color Crush- Blue and green3
Love this Blue and Green Living room Color Crush- Blue and Green1
Now I really don't have to tell you just how much I love this room and the interior designer who did it but I will- I love this This blue and green living room by Eileen Kathryn Boyd she is an amazing designer check out  Color Crush- Blue and Green2 all Eileen Kathryn Boyd

Color Crush- Blue and Green2

Now here is a great idea one wall of wallpaper on the focal point wall! How cool is that and check out the the pop of green wing back Queen Ann chairs and did you catch the pattern fabric on the back of the chairs?  Just lovely.... This photo is from Color Crush-Blue and Green4
This Living room is absolutely beautiful and blue and green!! Now if you cant get inspiration from this then you don't want a blue and green living room!!! I love the blue and green pattern roman shades how lovely (WOW)I love it!!
This room is amazing and I'm sure you're tired of hearing me say just how amazing a room is but I cant help it!! This room will give you a lesson in design and balance check how the designer designed this lovely room the walls are white and everything else is green and blue using the white walls as her backdrop and letting the pops of blue and green shine through. If a lesson is what you need in decorating a room in this color combination consider this room as your teacher.
OMG I love that kidney sofa its just beautiful and how about the blue and green lamp isn't it lovely? Now did you catch that there are two different lamps on either side of the sofa one standing lamp and one table lamp with a white shade? Most people wouldn't think to do that but the continuity comes from the green glass in the lamp-base and the green glass in the standing lamp now that makes it very doable.

Hey!! Nothing to say but WOW!!

Check out the sitting arrangement in this green and blue living room- Back to Back four green chairs what a creative concept. This is a great idea for a large room!! This is a good way to bring a long room together.  This room is creative on all levels; if you want to bring and blue and green and not just be all blue and green bring in some other colors to break it up, for that pop of color surprise. See we have green chairs, blue table and a pop of rainbow color art what a surprise!!! This room invites all that's interesting to the party.

What a way to bring in different patterns and colors green and blue , light and dark colors coming together and making a beautiful statement in this room!! Check out how the interior designer bring in the light blue and green and then couple it with the dark blues and greens. Just breathtaking

Thank you for checking out the blue and green living rooms from this blog!! Please let me know what you think about the blue and green living rooms which one inspired you the most? 
Continue to check back  as I run into more blue and green living rooms I will continue to add them as I see them to our collection...  XOXO

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