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Mount High Come Stay And Be My Guest!!

Mount High Come Stay And Be My Guest!! - hello friend, welcome to our blog Ways To Maximise Space this time we will discuss what you are looking for information that is on Mount High Come Stay And Be My Guest!! We've collected a lot of data to make this article so that what we show complete enough for you, ranging from information design house that long until the latest, well please continue reading:

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Mount High Come Stay And Be My Guest!!

Be our guest Be our guest put our service to the test!! That’s what they say at Disney but have you ever extended your home for guest to stay the night and invite them to relax in your guest room? Well my husband and I had the chance to do just that but I can’t say it was a planed invite but all the more they were definitely invited.
It was the month of October year 2006 Buffalo NY, had a surprising storm now famously known as the October storm, there was snow and all the leaves were still on the trees and before we knew it the storm had knocked down trees, power lines with people left in the dark with cold homes and forced to deal with the environment of a surprise storm.
Well to make a long story short my husband and I were the fortunate ones who happen to be left with lights, warmth and Television. Wow how did we become so blessed!!! Well it turns out that it was a plan by God to help the other people who weren’t so fortunate to live in the warmth. OK I don’t see how I can make this story short but needless to say we told 15 people to be our guest. And guess what? We only had one guest room but more importantly my parents were the most fortunate ones because they were the ones who took precedence but none the less everyone in the house felt welcomed.
My parents had the pleasure of staying in our guest room for four nights. I think they were comfortable for at least a few of the days. My husband and I managed to be good host for all the family who stayed with us and even managed to keep the bathrooms clean. Check out the picture of the storm then check the guestroom that my parents had the pleasure of staying in. while you’re at it check out the other inspiring beautiful guest rooms that I found. 

Pictures of the October storm!! Snow in October!! Wow I don't miss them days.

Well this is the Guestroom my parents had the pleasure of staying in. Sometimes I think the guest was more comfortable then me but I wouldn't have it any other way. Here are the amenities they were welcome to. Coffee, robes ,TV and not to mention a desk to rest the laptop. It was truly as if  there were no storm outside.

I love how simple this room is, not a lot of stuff just enough to be a guest and leave.

"Love the two beds"

Its nothing like having a comfortable guestroom to stay and have your own bathroom now that's the hotel life.

Now what can I say!! This Guestroom is beautiful, just look at all the patterns that were used by the designer. This room even has a place for baby, now you cant get better than that.

love this room with pops of yellow and the simplicity of the bedding!! Lovely

WOW!! Now this is a bed I will love to be the guest here.

This is a great guestroom it has all the amenities that a guest will need while staying the night. The desk with the computer and the breakfast in bed!! Nice.

How Beautiful is this. Designer Sarah Richardson really out did herself on this one I absolutely love the wallpaper with the green headboard up against it. Wow

This room is very charming and inviting whoever own this room please call me and invite me to be your guest. I love this room!! Comes with gifts and all. 

Now check out this contemporary guest bedroom this is soooo amazing I think I need to take a long vacation so I can stay for a while!! This room rocks

This Guest bedroom is astonishing look how aerie and spacious it is. love it !!!

  Remarkable is all I can say about this its so lovely and unexpected.

This room I just looove because I designed it so there is a little  bias here- The homeowner decided to go with two beds in their guestroom and the guest loved every moment of it, so I was told.
 Having a guestroom also allow you to decorate in designs that you wouldn't normally do check out how the designer used all different patterns and colors!!!  "Where there is fear there is no creativity" said so well by (Christopher Lowell) This is a design I call NO Fear. Very nicely done...

So let me know your thoughts. Are you the perfect guest host? and if you live in the Buffalo NY area what were you doing during the October storm?

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