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Mount High Celebrity Life-Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

Mount High Celebrity Life-Will and Jada Pinkett Smith - hello friend, welcome to our blog Ways To Maximise Space this time we will discuss what you are looking for information that is on Mount High Celebrity Life-Will and Jada Pinkett Smith We've collected a lot of data to make this article so that what we show complete enough for you, ranging from information design house that long until the latest, well please continue reading:

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Mount High Celebrity Life-Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

Today Celebrity Life-  the Hollywood Power couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith their amazing 25,000 sq feet home built from scratch on the hands of great builders and architects, this adobe-style residence was built on 150 acres of land!!! Can you say privacy!!!  Will and Jada made it a priority that everything in their house will be handmade just for them. That’s right!! “Handmade” Wow!!! What demands!!! Can you imagine the challenge of keeping a house this big feeling intimate and homey? I mean it’s a challenge to keep some small homes feeling intimate but somehow The Smith family got it right. The designers and architects I’m sure took this into consideration when planning out the details  of this amazing home. This week Celebrity Life decided to seek out  the powerhouse family because of there commitment to family in family values. being able to go into the life of such a wonderful family as the Smiths  is always a pleasure and most of all rewarding. Sit back and enjoy while
experiencing the Smiths family beautiful home and celebrity life.

What a beautiful Entryway!! Check out that amazing mirror what a statement and the short table lamps I'm sure in an effort to not takeaway from the beautiful mirror... Oh did I even mention the chandilare?WOW

Look at that amazing metalwork on the stairway railings.

Now can you see yourself spending family time in this outstanding space look how the walls opens to the outside space what a clever idea.

AH!!! I wish!!! I will love to look over that wrought-iron banister down into the beautiful living room. Like I said AH I Wish!!!
Beautiful!!! Check out the two sets of towering columns, which are wrapped in jute rope that sits between the custom oversize sofa that is made to fit the space. Notice the large scaled accessories that helps the balance of the space...

Love the texture in this room!!! The table, the chair and the door is also textured. What I love about this is the
Consistency, quality and grain that’s in the surface peaces how amazing... I love it

OK!!! What can I say about the attention to detail in this room, WOW!!! The chandelier, the chairs, the table, the mirrors with the art peace hanging within it, is all so detailed? Oh I almost left out the ceiling beams. This is so impressive I love it.

Look at the doors... WOW!!!  This is a hand-hewn teak doors that open to reveal an intimate seating area lit.  Beautiful

What a lovely kitchen
Look at that view
Now this is where I will just go out and relax at the beautiful Gazebo... This is like the Smith's having their very own paradise.
Jada's Meditation room... Now if you cant meditate in this room than you have to have a lot on your mind. I see the cat is enjoy the relaxation. Oh did you notice the circular skylight?
Media room... I'm sure Willow was doing a lot of Whip My Hair.”Whip My Hair.”Whip My Hair.back and forth!! In this media room who wouldn't
Wood billiard table with nail-heads What!!!

What a nice place to sit and watch a movie. "I think I'll take the hanging seat"

Beautiful photography and I love the lacquered black table.
Willow’s bedroom!!! What girl never wanted a canopy of patterned silk! "It doesn't have to be silk for me just the canopy is fine". Look at the pillows at the edge of the bed and we cant forget her cute sneakers just sitting there looking sweet and what about the green tufted poof !! Go ahead girl and just Whip Your hair back because your room is lovely...
Jaden’s bedroom

Guest bedroom!!! "Can I be a guest"
The master suite!!! This room is nothing short of amazing the room includes a custom-made bed with a draped canopy of brass ball chains.. I mean what more can be said. I love it

Will and Jada’s Large Master bedroom  Closet whic is the size of a whole other room !! Hey I thought about It. I can juts move into the closet how about that!!! 

Circular Bathtub
The shower in the master bathroom
 The private terrace off the master suite.. I love it!!!
The free-form pool,

 I hope you liked our first Celebrity life post !! As I bring you this post on Will and Jada I've been hearing some disturbing noise about the couple. Because I 'm  not sure if its true or not I post a video that I hope will explain some things!!! I hope the rumors aren't true but all I have to say that this is a family I truly admire and oh did I fail to mention this beautiful home of theirs its just to die for... Beautiful just like their family. 
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