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Mount High Real Estate Snitch Wednesdays-Jennifer Hudson

Mount High Real Estate Snitch Wednesdays-Jennifer Hudson - hello friend, welcome to our blog Ways To Maximise Space this time we will discuss what you are looking for information that is on Mount High Real Estate Snitch Wednesdays-Jennifer Hudson We've collected a lot of data to make this article so that what we show complete enough for you, ranging from information design house that long until the latest, well please continue reading:

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Mount High Real Estate Snitch Wednesdays-Jennifer Hudson

OK!!! Here we go again another week has gone by and  people are still buying homes, that means that the snitch has been out snitching on the new purchases and sales of real estate.  This week the real estate snitch was able to snitch out a home that the American Idol contestant turned award-winning artist and actress, Jennifer Hudson is looking to purchase. Apparently the  Chicago Curbed is reporting that Miss Hudson is under contract to purchasea 12,000-sq ft mansion in the Chicago suburb of Burr Ridge. " And she is telling you!!!(Jennifer Hudson) She Aint going no where"because apparently she loves this house and boy is it beautiful check out Miss Hudson new Chicago luxury Digs!!! Now you know Key Interiors by Shinay will have something to say about this pretty little mansion because while its nice it need
some good old interior design advice. So lets get to it.....

Love the beautiful floors
 Front Exterior
 What a entryway

Now, here’s where I get bent all out of shape about design and interior spaces!!! Since when does hiding a beautiful fireplace become OK? I mean, "Am I wrong" "No" Didn’t think so, I've been an interior designer for too long to let this one slide. This living room needs some serious help. Now let’s give Jennifer a little advice for when she moves in.
Jennifer, hire a good interior designer to get this lovely room up to par make sure you play up the fireplace and put some color on them walls. Now, what can I say about the TV nook!!  Hmmm don’t put the TV there…make the nook a feature and buy furniture that fits the scale of the room. While the furniture is large it’s not arranged right, the focus is on the TV, let’s put focus elsewhere like the fireplace. How about the Television over the fireplace, now I’m sure if you hire a designer he/she will hook you up with some beautiful art and accessories all around the room. Woe that was a mouth fool.  Jennifer if you use just a little of this advice you will be well on your way. Happy decorating- xoxo

OK, I just put a mouth fool into the living room and while I like the dining room it too can use a little advice!! OK Jennifer here's my advice for the dining room.  If you would like to make this room stand out you can really go all out with it, like a new beautiful chandelier, it will bring focus and center of attention to the room.
I simply love the nook but that too can standout more with maybe just a buffet with a beautiful mirror above it, remove the large china cabinet it takes from the lovely nook. How about the wall color?  I can’t say I don't like it because I have this very same color in my own home, I think it’s called brick red but who cares about all that, if you’re going to go with a color like this you have to make sure that the furniture stands out against it because other words you’re going to blend in. Now the traditional furniture in dining room is quite cute but need some accessories to bring it out.
Now, I’m not going to give criticism and a give no solutions, here are a few more solutions’ for the dining room.
If you like the color of the wall, keep itand maybe paint the wall below the chair-rails all white. This will give it a more architectural look.
Remember, accessories make the room come alive, put beautiful pictures on the walls with lovely accessories on the tables and please don’t forget the windows make certain window covering play a role in this room.
I hope you find this helpful!!!

How cute
WOW!!! What can I say about this H-U-G-E Master Suite with a fireplace and beautiful ceilings WOW just lovely!!! But this is where it ends for me.... This room can use some color and some focus on the fireplace. How come in this house the fireplace is shown no love? Well let’s talk about how this room can show its potential, maybe at the fireplace you can put two chairs a side it or perhaps an ottoman in front of it, the dresser shouldn't out shine the fireplace. Now I can’t see all the angles of the room but I'm sure there is another wall that the dresser can hold up. The bed wall maybe some wallpaper or molding squares can balance out the wall.  And let’s not forget the ceiling!!!! You must make it stand out. There are a number of ways to make this happen, how about a faux finish? Also put a chandelier to make it sparkle. Now I have some other ideas but conceivably I will have to charge for them… So Jennifer with that being said this room can be a real beauty as I’m sure you can’t wait to put your own touches to the room… Happy Decorating xoxo

I see the art hasn't been put on the walls yet but I'm sure you'll get to it after the house is closed and becomes yours!!!
I know this is the windy city but does the room has to feel so cold!!!  My reflexes are to shiver when looking at this room. This is a Theater room, has anyone told you to darken up the walls and perhaps get some more theater seats.  Well Jenifer I guess you have to do it all yourself!!!
Making it your own is going to be fun...  Here is a little advice- Darken the walls and movies will be seen in a better light, bring in more seating and perhaps you can invite more people to watch a movie, like (ME)….

Now here is the real reason Jennifer is under contract on this home!!! Check out the amenities on this piece of real estate 
The 16-room stone-built mansion has 6 bedrooms, 6 full and 2 half bathrooms, 5 fireplaces, heated garage space for 6 cars, 2 laundry rooms, a fully finished walk-out basement, and a huge bonus room tucked up into the eaves on the third floor. Additional spaces include an impress-the-guests style foyer with floating curved staircase, formal living and dining rooms, a library, colossal eat-in kitchen lit by three identical chandeliers, a double-height family room, and in basement area, a game room and home theater. Outdoor space is severely limited to a landscaped front yard, a large rear motor court accessed via a porte-cochere and a wee sliver of a backyard mostly taken up by a free-form dining terrace.

  • Will this make a good buy for Jennifer?
  • How do you think Jennifer will perceive my decorating advice? Spot-on, to harsh, unkind, unsympathetic or kind.
  • Would you live in this home if your budget allowed it? 

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